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Christadelphian Books

Many Christadelphians books are being converted to electronic format for availability over the web. We currently have those listed below. These books are also available for sale in hardcopy format.

Christendom Astray from the Bible

  • Written by Robert Roberts, this book is an exposition of the teachings of mainstream Christendom as compared with scriptural Truth.

Elpis Israel - An Exposition of the Kingdom of God

  • Written by John Thomas in 1849 at the request of those who had heard his lectures on the Bible, and particularly on Bible prophecies. This is the 14th edition of this book, edited in 1949 and reprinted in 1990.

A Faith That Makes Sense

  • Written by Todd Treadway in 1999, the chapters in this small volume were conceived many years ago as a series of two-minute recorded telephone messages. Hence, they are all about equal in length, and short. They make no claim to being exhaustive studies of any subject, nor is the sum of them a comprehensive list of every important Bible theme. Rather, they are intended as an introduction to certain basic topics, many of which have become twisted and misunderstood over the centuries since the Bibleís writing.

God's Way

  • Written by John Carter in 1947, this book examines the full Christian gospel. This is the second edition of this book.

Key to the Understanding of the Scriptures

  • Written by H.P. Mansfield in 1968, this book sets out systematic studies in the basic teachings of the Scriptures. Each section is followed by a series of questions, by which the reader can test his knowledge of the Bible, and thus maintain his progress in the understanding of the Truth.

The Name that is Above Every Name

  • Written by Alfred Nicholls in 1983, this book attempts to expound the majestic theme of the Name of God in as simple a manner as is consistent with the depth of the subject itself.

The Spirit - A General Exposition on New Testament Usage

  • Written by Aleck Crawford, this book is designed to be used as a reference textbook in the study of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament.

The Tabernacle in the Wilderness

  • Written by Keith Cook, this book examines the divine design or pattern as shown in the Tabernacle -- Yahweh's dwelling place with His people.

The Trinity: True or False?

  • Written by James H. Broughton and Peter J. Southgate of the Dawn Fellowship, this book examines the title subject in detail.

Wrested Scriptures - Internet Edition

  • Written by Ron Abel, this book is reformatted for the Internet and hosted on the site.

Note: Any of the text in these books may be freely downloaded, copied, and distributed as long as appropriate acknowledgement of the author and the Christadelphians is given.

Many people have written to request information on ordering copies of these and other works. For price and availability, please visit the Thousand Oaks Christadelphian Library.

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