Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar with wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint.  Isaiah 40:31

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Who You Can Pray For [2012]

These are the people we prayed for in 2012. Please remember also those we prayed for in 2011.

Last updated Saturday, November 24, 8:07 AM

  • Julie Sternagle (Cleveland). Battling breast cancer, has fairly young children.
  • Bonnie Burkaw. Has had a brain tumor recently removed.
  • Ellen Styles. Struggling with chronic health issues, and difficulties absorbing food.
  • Lisa Rek. Recovering from a brain injury.
  • Melissa Titman. In an ongoing struggle with a brain tumor.
  • Bethany Evens (Florida). Currently in remission, but has had the cancer come back.
  • Grant Anderson (Detroit). Continued, long recovery from very serious car accident.
  • Dot Livermore and family, in the recent loss of her husband.
  • Jason Bobis and the rest of his wife Mary's family who are suffering from her loss.
  • Shawna Bell who lost her husband David this year and has three young children is struggling.
  • Phyllis Quick who just lost her husband Jim a couple of months ago.
  • Leah Barr and family who lost her mother Donna to cancer a few weeks ago.
  • Cindy Higgs (Victoria) and her continued recovery from cancer.
  • Lynda Perks (Toronto Ontario) beginning treatment for cancer.
  • Delmy Cea (mother of Celina Cervantes, LA) treatment for tumours in the breast.
  • Seth Mason, 8 years old, Sydney, Australia, treatment for leukemia.
  • John and Dinah Pillion's (Victoria, BC) unborn baby who will have to have serious surgery upon his birth.
  • David Lawrence (Prince George, BC) is in an ongoing battle with blood cancer.
  • Clive Leane has had bacterial meningitis since August, and by God's grace, is being released this week.
  • Star Saunders (Vernon, BC) recovering from breast cancer, has diverticulitis and diabetes.
  • Marianne Hutchison (Vernon, BC), had breast cancer and then a heart attack in the last year - she is doing better now but still needs our prayers.
  • David Erickson (Vernon, BC)
  • Dianne Massey (Vernon, BC) fibromyalgia,
  • Bev Barling (Vernon BC) diverticulitis
  • Mark Enns (brother in isolation in BC), muscular distrophy,
  • Sis. Grace Montgomery's husband Russ, recovery from back surgery and chronic back pain,
  • Lucas Jones (Vernon, BC) - ongoing health issues (see Margaret's note),
  • Carmel Bartholomew, Ruth and Lois Osborn and Gideon Osborn are all doing much better and in fact, the first three are almost back to normal. Gideon is doing well and seems to be nearing the end of his battle with Lyme disease, too. Thanks be to God!
  • Deb Ghent (New Brunswick) Lupus
  • Charity Ghent (New Brunswick) Distonia
  • Jim Harper (Meriden, CT) recently fell and broke his leg
  • Ken and Wendy Dickson (Halifax) - Ongoing health issues and cancer
  • Ron Easson (Sussex) - Very rapid decline in health
  • Kay Brown (From Jamaica but living in Halifax for treatment) - cancer
  • Carol Crawford (Halifax)- Ongoing health concerns
  • Hillis Briggs (Sussex)- Recent Stroke and other health concerns
  • Marlene Briggs (Sussex)- Ongoing health concerns
  • Lucas Jones (Sussex but living in Vernon, BC) - Crohn's - he has recently moved back to BC to improve his health and is separated from his family as they try to sell their house and join him.
  • Sister Hazel Lyne (San Diego Ecc) - back and knee issues that donít allow her to attend meeting very regularly.
  • Sister Pat Thomas (San Diego Ecc) - has completed cancer treatment. Continued prayers for her healing and strength.
  • Sister Lydia Kohl (San Diego Ecc) - lost her husband Bro. Scott Kohl to pancreatic cancer earlier this year.
  • Sister Vi Wilcox (San Diego Ecc) - frail
  • Sister Dorothy Nelson (San Diego Ecc) - recovering from broker shoulder/ribs and injuries from a car accident
  • Sister Naomi Cochran (Simi Valley Ecc) - frailties of age.
  • Sister Helen Jennings (Pomona Ecc) - weak and newly diagnosed with a brain tumor.
  • Sister Wilma Hirst (Santa Barbara Ecc) - fell recently and has been moved into a care facility.
  • Sister Geneva Bromley (Abilene TX ecc) - currently in treatment for pancreatic cancer.
  • Brother Grady & Sister Nina Haynes (Abilene TX Ecc) - both in a retirement home dealing with the frailties of age.
  • Sis. Nelly Obando (Quito, Ecuador) - ongoing serious health problems
  • Kleber Jimenez (Quito, Ecuador) - in remission with thyroid cancer
  • Hewitson Family (Illinois, USA). For strength.
  • Edgar, Lilly, Lorena and Dolores (San Salvador), struggling with cancer and other illnesses.
  • Blanca Palacios (Sonsonate, El Salvador) - recovering from surgery
  • Abigail Castillo (San Salvado, El Salvador) - Pneumonia.
  • Sis. Jean Donnelly (Barrie, Ontario). Diagnosed with Wegener's disease, in hospital for approximately the last 6 month, failing kidneys.
  • Sis. Arleen Brown (Shelburne, Ontario). Recovering from surgery related to her cancer.
  • Sister Pinaz White (UK) Has terminal cancer. Please pray for her strength and comfort and for her husband brother Andrew.
  • Brother Johnny Iwama (Brantford ON). Ongoing treatment for cancer.
Please remember also our loved ones, and their families, that we prayed for in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

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